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Do you know that our everyday surroundings can majorly influence our mood and overall mental health? Lighting, sound, temperature, and even the furnishings all tend to play a major role in building an ideal environment that suits all your needs. This applies not only to your personal spaces, but also to your ideal corporate workspaces.

What are Workspaces?

Before telecommunication became a known trend, the concept of a workspace was tied to a physical location, which included aspects like a designated desk in an office and access to shared resources like conference rooms and other office equipment. However, today this term has broadened; it does refer to the mentioned assets but is no longer confined to a physical location. And with remote working on the rise, it becomes all the more necessary for organizations to create ideal workspaces to maximize productivity and employees’ well-being.

Benefits of Creating a Workspace That Improves Productivity

Do you know having an ideal workspace not only affects the productivity and morale of a team but can also help cultivate innovation and the work culture of a team. It becomes easier for leaders to coordinate with their teams and also with ideal workspaces, employees can communicate more effectively by working together towards the same goal. 

And a thoughtfully laid out workspace can help an organization attract not only new clients but also fastens the retention process. 

Here are the benefits of having a workspace for an organization: 

  1. Better Efficiency – A great workspace can help an organization and its team members become more productive by helping them focus on their tasks. Also, with a better environment, distractions are reduced, making teams more efficient.
  2. Improved Collaboration – As mentioned earlier, having an ideal workspace allows greater collaboration between the team members. This helps them become more innovative and creative as they can communicate better.
  3. Stress Reduction – With a better environment, employees can work without the stress of working in an unfavorable environment which may cause anxiety and low morale.
  4. Remote Working Solutions – With the pandemic, remote working became mainstream, and having ideal workspaces allows teams to be more productive and efficient in this setup.
  5. Technical Advantage – Workspaces are generally equipped with great tech. This means from basic wi-fi needs to highly customized presentation equipment, your team gets it all. 

These are just a few examples of how beneficial a workspace can be but if we go in-depth to explore its advantages, the list can go on.

How to Create an Ideal Workspace?

Today’s offices are changing for the better by becoming open co-working spaces, which allow for healthy and open communication and relationship building between employees and co-workers. But still, the question that still bothers many is, “What makes an ideal workspace?”

And to answer the question, listed below are some ideas one can keep in mind while creating an ideal workspace for their valued employees.

  1. Create a Flexible Workspace
  2. Sound Management is Important
  3. Create Designated Areas
  4. Get Creative
  5. Comfort and Wellness Options

1. Create a Flexible Workspace

Create a Flexible Workspace

Flexible workspaces include all the well-heard terms that saw a rise, especially after the pandemic, i.e., co-working spaces, open workspaces, shared workspaces, and collaborative workspaces, which can support both on-site workers and hybrid workers.

And as is seen, many organizations are transitioning to flexible co-working spaces, which provide employees with fewer obstructions so they can enjoy better communication and inter-work relationships and work more efficiently.

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2. Sound Management is Important

Sound Management in workspace

For some people, noisy spaces can be distracting and adversely affect their productivity. While for some, working with background noise is more efficient.

An ideal workspace would be one that incorporates both of these factions. And using modern sound management techniques can help cater to both of these types of situations: using panels to dampen the outside sounds or using surround sound systems to provide ideal background noise.

Creating these environments, where both types thrive, will maximize productivity and help create a stress-free working space.

3. Create Designated Areas

Create Designated Areas in your workspace

Having designated areas in an organization allows employees to work in their preferred environment. For instance, a workspace can have designated areas such as:

  • Communal areas or breakout spaces that allow more interactions between the employees or provide them with a place to rest.
  • Private spaces for employees wishing to work on a project needing strict concentration or make a phone call without having to worry about background noise.
  • Conference rooms for when the teams call for formal meetings among their employees.
  • Collaborative spaces where employees can meet up for an informal meeting or brainstorm ideas.

4. Get Creative

make a Creative workspace

In today’s age, where everything goes on social media, it is imperative to make a workspace “Instagram-worthy.” This can be achieved by covering up those boring white walls with creative wall coverings or motivational quotes to inspire the employees.

An organization can highlight its motto or its history by putting up wall panels or column wraps. Organizations can also bring the outside inside by including natural elements in their workspaces. Natural elements in a workspace can greatly improve cognitive functions and lower stress at the same time.

An organization can include natural elements in their workspaces in numerous ways, such as:

  • Including plants and greenery
  • Making their workspaces well ventilated all the while incorporating natural light sources
  • Using natural materials like wood in the workspace furnishings or flooring

5. Comfort and Wellness Options

Comfort and Wellness Options in your workspace

Comfortable office furnishings are an absolute must for ideal workspaces. Also, keeping in mind the color scheme of a workspace is necessary because colors can greatly affect the moods of the workers; moreover, using the right furnishings, colors, and textures can contribute to the aesthetic of a workspace.

And with people opting for healthier options, some ideal workspaces also offer standing desks, healthier snack options, or exercise rooms for the employees to move their bodies instead of sitting at their desks all day long.

These environments that prioritize employees’ health, well-being, and comfort would allow them to focus on their tasks and work more efficiently.

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How Stylework Helps Your Ideal Workspace

Stylework works at providing flexible and innovative workspace solutions tailored just for your organization.

With 2000+ spaces, anyone with a mobile workforce can enjoy the amenities that an office has to offer, and that too at much lower prices, without having to worry about the facility or maintenance management because we take care of it all just for you!

And it doesn’t stop here; we also offer flexible coworking membership plans where you get to focus on your productivity while we work on providing you custom-fit single or multi-location co-working spaces with hassle-free access control and fully customizable offerings that are perfect for your budget.

As an employer if you still find yourself asking the question how the move to co-working spaces would be manageable considering many employees now find comfort in hybrid work and co-working spaces. Worry not because that’s where our Corporate Product Suite (CPS) comes to the rescue. Our CPS assists in managing employees, billing cycles, schedules and other related tasks with ease and efficiency.

For employers, they can easily manage their employees, memberships, space allocation and billings without any hassle. And employees get to enjoy a user-friendly application, PAN India presence, hassle-free check-ins with safe and secure workspaces.

With the shift to remote and hybrid working in the corporate world, the trend of co-working spaces is not going away anytime soon. To stay competitive, organizations must adapt to this, and we Stylework work together with you to find workspaces that are perfect for your needs and not heavy on your pockets either, because with our flexible membership plans, you get to enjoy amazing discounts on our services, software, and so much more. 

And that’s not all; we’ll always be there for you whenever you’re in need and promise to get back to you within 24-48 hours. So no matter your questions or queries, we’re always ready to help our valued clients!

So, come visit us and let us change the way you look for your perfect workspace, personalized just for you and your ambitions.

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