Challenges Faced by Coworking Spaces in India: How to Overcome Them

Challenges Faced by Coworking Spaces in India

Co-working has had exponential growth over the last few years and is currently fairly popular. Due to their accessible infrastructure and wide range of business options, co-working spaces have become increasingly popular among large and medium-sized firms as coworking space aggregators provide Cost-effective office solutions in India. Although the independent, entrepreneurial crowd finds the idea appealing, it isn’t necessarily a bed of roses. The industry as a whole has been dealing with a number of problems. This article throws light on potential problems that collaborative workspaces in India might have and solutions to resolve them. 

Challenges Faced by Coworking Spaces in India and How to Resolve Them

Coworking, to put it simply, is the practice of having different businesses and groups of people share one office space. This presents certain difficulties, but it’s crucial to remember that they aren’t insurmountable and can mostly be handled with the help of the appropriate service provider. Here are a few major challenges coworking spaces face and solutions as to how to resolve coworking space challenges in India.

  1. Managing Flow and Ebb
  2. Privacy Concerns
  3. Distractions
  4. Technical Issues
  5. Major Security Concerns
  6. Meeting Different Expectations

1. Managing Flow and Ebb

The main issue with coworking spaces is that there isn’t enough room for everyone. Generally, the ratio of memberships is typically higher than the capacity, so it’s important to have a good management system in place to make the best use of the space that is available. It’s also important to accommodate everyone while also keeping the area from cluttering. 

Solution: The success of co-working space business models depends on selling more co-working memberships than the space can accommodate. Balance is achieved in the space by combining allocated desks and open areas. Therefore, by keeping an eye on check-in or volume trends, a manager may continuously assess if the office is full or vacant. To have better flow and ebb, office space might set better prices or engage in outreach marketing.

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2. Privacy Concerns

People have deadlines for the work or projects they need to finish or on which they need to concentrate. They will become aggressive if they feel interrupted or that their personal space has been invaded. The biggest issue in a coworking space is privacy. Some people may have legitimate worries that phone calls or meetings would not be completely private as a result of this. Privacy is crucial for four reasons: it inspires creativity, improves attention, raises employee engagement, and helps ideas acquire momentum. And hence cannot be compromised. 

Solution: If the management can discover a technique to lessen friction, the problem can be resolved. A good deck can provide people adequate room to move around and reduce conflict while assigning rooms or designating certain locations for particular tasks can reduce confusion and disputes. Therefore, it is crucial to have a strong IT (and interior) infrastructure in the office space to safeguard your work and chats. Because of this, coworking companies that provide high-quality coworking spaces make an attempt to mitigate this worry.

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3. Distractions

Noise is one of the main problems in the workplace. Even the most patient individual can become impatient with keyboard clicks, phone conversations, and other technological prompts. Multiple activities or meetings will also unavoidably take place in the office as a result of diverse parties using the coworking space. This might interfere with teammates’ productivity, efficiency, and workflow.

Solution: A good coworking space will take precautions to prevent distractions from spreading sounds-canceling headphones could be a solution because they would be able to mentally shut out the sounds. Another benefit is facility design. Choose between natural and man-made barriers to divide the workspace without blocking it off, or adopt any other necessary steps to eliminate friction distractions and keep employees concentrated.

4. Technical Issues

Regardless of how technically competent the shared office space may be, a few technical problems are bound to arise. A few issues encountered at coworking spaces include slow Wi-Fi, IT system malfunction, any hardware products gone for a toss, etc. 

Solution: Do a thorough recce of the place, and test the internet connectivity. Try to get as much of a feel for the area. If more than one router is required, install them all and check your system and surroundings for clear reception. Stay in touch with the vendors. Additionally, keep a backup supply of hardware on hand in case something goes wrong. Expect the unexpected always.

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5. Major Security Concerns

Companies that employ personnel who operate out of coworking spaces are becoming more concerned about data security. Nearly one-quarter of coworking employees (23%) say they face security/safety issues at their office space.

Sharing a Wi-Fi connection with other businesses might raise the risk of hacking or data breaches, particularly if everyone in the coworkers’ area has unrestricted access to the network. A competitor could overhear a discussion about novel concepts and steal them. Computers left unattended in the communal office space may be hijacked. However, security risks at coworking spaces go beyond technology. Since many coworking spaces are available around-the-clock, this may have an impact on the physical security of employees there after hours.

Solutions: High investments in data security, the installation of firewalls and data protection software on shared systems owned by coworking spaces, and spending on physical security personnel could all be solutions to this problem. Install a locker system, an alarm system, and video surveillance to improve security. Access to coworking spaces should be controlled by security checks at the entrance. 

6. Meeting Different Expectations

Since the idea of coworking involves bringing together various groups of individuals under one roof, it is only logical that there will be differences in personalities and interests, making it difficult to accommodate everyone. For instance: adjusting the thermostat or central air conditioning temperature level, desk preferences, various work expectations, workspace decorum, etc. 

Solution: Thus, to make a draw, they must establish the highest baseline expectations. Therefore, coworking spaces should make sure the workspace is inclusive and diverse in design. Create a floor plan that promotes uninterrupted work and offers a comfortable environment. Customers will return because of the distinctive atmosphere in your coworking space. Coworking aggregators like Stylework provide innovative workspace solutions in India to satisfy varied preferences. 

Businesses should address these issues to increase employee satisfaction, safety, and productivity. Aggregators of coworking spaces like Stylework provide cost-effective office solutions in India. We concentrate on offering tech-based specialized solutions for all the problems discussed in this article. We take privacy and security very seriously, which is why we have a top-notch management staff that offers a comprehensive solution and a strong B2B Corporate Product Suite that enables us to better allocate workspace and offer value-added services.

We also offer smart solutions to all of these issues with our plug-and-work flexible model, customer-centric strategy, online presence, and purposeful growth strategy. Coworking spaces will remain a part of the modern workplace despite their challenges as there are numerous benefits of coworking spaces in India that traditional offices lack. In conclusion, the Indian coworking industry has come a long way, and still has a long way to go. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the coworking spaces?
A coworking place is a space where workers from various backgrounds come together and work under the same roof to share knowledge and explore new ideas. Coworking spaces serve as community centres, collaboration hubs, and social gathering places. 

2. How can I improve my coworking space?
Create a smartly built layout that makes the most of the available space, paying attention to even the tiniest details, including carefully choosing the desks and chairs. Since comfort begins at the work desk, the user should feel at ease in his chair. Distractions should be controlled, whiteboards installed, and areas made available for wall writing. Collaborate with other vendors in order to offer superior services and  offer nutritious snacks and beverage dispensers. 

3. What are the biggest challenges faced by coworking spaces?
The most significant problem with coworking spaces is data privacy and personal security. People who work in coworking spaces have less privacy than they do at home or in a typical office. And in these circumstances, data theft is always a danger.

4. What problem does coworking space solve?
Flexibility in workspace solutions in India is majorly resolved by coworking spaces, as they primarily address the issue of rigidity by offering tremendous flexibility in terms of place, time, and space. It also addresses the absence of connectivity as a major concern. The chance to interact with other businesses and employees is offered by coworking spaces. It also offers a work-friendly environment and is very cost-effective. 

5. How do you manage co-working?
Managing shared offices in India is difficult, but when you have a thorough business plan and adhere to it, you achieve your goals more quickly and easily. For the successful management of coworking spaces, one needs to put the community first, hire the right people, use coworking space management tools, and avoid common mistakes such as poor planning, inadequate community development, treating coworking spaces like conventional office centres, inadequate investment in communication and networking, etc.

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