HerSpace Gurgaon: The Ultimate Coworking Space for Women in Gurgaon

Coworking Spaces for Women

Gone are the days of the early morning rush, to-go coffees in hand, and bee-lining your way through a crowd of people. Because now there’s a freedom that earlier didn’t exist.

One can sign a contract with their dream company in any country and still not have to move across the globe. And this is all thanks to the option of remote work.

This freedom to choose to work from any location is something that cannot be looked upon, especially for one section of today’s workforce, the female workforce.

Women are always on the go. Known to wear multiple hats to perfection, this faction of the workforce also faces turmoil when it comes to managing a proper work-life balance.

Raising a family and looking after their needs and desires, women might often face difficulty embodying professional ambition. This is where the flexibility of remote or hybrid work and coworking spaces comes to their rescue. With the availability of flexible contracts and the option to choose when and where to work, this is one way to go for a modern professional lady.

Coworking Spaces for Women

The majority of women who may have taken dramatic career or life decisions such as starting a new business, moving to a different city or country, taking time off their career for their families, and now are planning to step back into the corporate world, it might seem a little daunting at first.

This is where coworking spaces for women come in. Coworking spaces for women create opportunities to connect with like-minded professionals in an atmosphere that fosters innovation, peace, and open-mindedness.

Coworking spaces have seen significant growth in the last decade, but it is only in recent years that the industry has seen a surge in women-only coworking spaces, which have been growing in popularity throughout the world.

But what is the importance of coworking spaces for women, and what is the need behind creating coworking spaces only for women? Also, what can be done to create a coworking space that caters to the needs of all female working professionals?

This blog will further explore the answers to these questions and provide a better insight into the development of workspaces for women.

Importance of Coworking Spaces for Women

Coworking spaces offer a supportive and inclusive environment where women can thrive professionally. Let’s explore the importance of coworking spaces for women to succeed in their careers.

  • Provide Networking and Collaboration Opportunities:
    Shared or coworking spaces help cultivate female professionals by providing them with a working environment where they feel comfortable reaching out and connecting with other women currently at a similar stage in their careers and discussing solutions to challenges and obstacles they face, socially or professionally.
  • Flexibility and Cost-Effectiveness:
    Flexibility and not having to worry about workplace operational costs free up the mind to concentrate on other important things, such as business strategies and growth.
    The coworking space model works great for women because it is highly flexible and scalable; moreover, they don’t have to worry about any long-term contracts or leasing responsibilities.
  • Exchange Experiences and Build Partnerships:
    At a coworking space, members are exposed to professionals from different industries and get to interact with people with diverse perspectives.
    For a woman who is contemplating setting foot back in the business world, this is a great opportunity to gain knowledge and experience and build partnerships with brilliant minds full of creative and innovative ideas.
    The positive energy and informal platform give way to brainstorming, opening a world of learning and self-reinvention.
  • Evading the identity crisis:
    Working from home is no doubt a better and easier option, but in the long run, it can prove counterproductive.
    There are chances for working females to experience an identity crisis about who they really are — a working professional or a homemaker. Coworking spaces help them avoid just that, as they get to choose when to work from home or use a coworking space for a better working environment.

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Need for Female-Only Coworking Spaces

Female-only coworking spaces have emerged as spaces that promote gender equality while providing a nurturing, supportive, and positive work environment where women can network and collaborate with each other.

Female-only coworking spaces are also encouraging female entrepreneurs to set foot in the corporate world on their own terms while focusing on the goals of their business and having their unique needs met.

Given that networking opportunities are an invaluable aspect of an environment where people share common interests and the desire to see each other succeed, all-female coworking spaces have been successful ventures. With a network of support that is passionate, inclusive, and aiming toward collective success, women feel appreciated and valued not only as individuals but also as professionals.

Furthermore, female-only working spaces do not overlook the most common reason women take time off their careers: a lack of resources and support during and after pregnancy.

With female-only coworking spaces taking care of all the unique needs a woman might require, women feel even more comfortable and empowered by taking care of their families while working towards achieving their professional goals.

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Creating a Female Coworking Space

Creating a female-focused coworking space is a powerful way to address the unique needs and challenges faced by women in the professional world. By providing an inclusive and supportive environment, these spaces can empower women to thrive in their careers. Here are some key considerations when setting up a female coworking space:

1. Creating a safe space is the key

Coworking spaces should always be inclusive and open, but this becomes all the more important when building a female-focused coworking space. Undertake ways that help support the community and create a safe space for its members, such as conducting regular anonymous surveys and creating workplace rules and behavior policies.

2. Think About Cultivating the Community

Being one of the only women at work can be quite hard. Women-only workspaces offer women a community of other women to interact with. It is imperative to work towards cultivating this community and bringing together women so they can learn from one another and grow together as individuals and professionals.

3. Providing the Correct Amenities

Along with providing the typical coworking amenities, it is also necessary to provide certain unique amenities that help retain members and build a community of like-minded people, such as on-site childcare, nursing rooms, medical health services, and female mentorship opportunities.

4. Ensuring the Members’ Safety

It goes without saying that creating a safe working environment for women is the most important aspect of women’s workspaces. Members should not be afraid to speak up against any sort of discrimination or inappropriate behavior in the workplace. Also, it is important for members to know where to go if they require assistance at any time of the day.

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Coworking Spaces for Women in Gurgaon

Coworking spaces tend to accommodate the needs of a diverse range of people, ranging from entrepreneurs to freelancers, regardless of their gender.

However, the needs of men and women seem to differ at certain points. In these times, the current need for dedicated coworking spaces for women is increasing steadily.

Hence, more and more female-oriented working spaces are popping up throughout the country. Listed below are some of these coworking spaces located in the IT, financial, marketing, and sales hub of India, Gurgaon, that not only cater to all the unique needs of women but also go the extra mile to provide a safe and inclusive work environment.

  1. Innov8
  2. GoWork
  3. 91Springboard

1. Innov8


Innov8 is featured among the best coworking spaces for women entrepreneurs and professionals in India.

They aim to host as many female founders as possible and offer incredible workspaces, providing practical, everyday solutions such as increased security, evening onwards, and a women-friendly work environment.

Innov8 doesn’t just stop there; they also work towards strengthening their community of women professionals by launching “Innov84Women” and hosting events for SHEROES, Women Who Code, and so much more.

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2. GoWork


‘GoWork’, well, the name itself suggests their female members just “go work” while they handle the rest.

GoWork in Udyog Vihar has come up with a comprehensive plan of action that offers solutions to the many problems faced by women professionals. They already plan on introducing the creche facility to facilitate working mothers.

They also ensure to regularly organize women-led initiatives such as counseling sessions, accelerator programs, mentoring sessions, and more.

3. 91Springboard


91Springboard in Sector 44 is one of the main players in the coworking industry and is also one of the best coworking spaces for working women.

They have a strong entrepreneurial spirit, which led them to create their own Women Entrepreneur League and focus on hosting events aimed at their female members.

Their goal is to provide a safe space for women where they can be guided toward success. With their inclusive work environment, they motivate their female members to network, exchange knowledge, and enable each other to grow together.

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The fields in the corporate world have yet to be leveled. Coworking spaces where women feel comfortable, supported, and work towards achieving their goals and aspirations are absolutely needed. It is necessary to create spaces that provide female professionals with a place where they belong and feel supported and valued for their ventures.

With companies embracing the remote work culture, it is highly likely that more “niche” coworking spaces to pop up from time to time. And following the trend, the demand for female-centric coworking spaces is likely to increase as well, empowering and inspiring women while catering to their unique needs and desires.

Coworking Space for Women in Gurgaon