10 Essential Items to Carry while Working from a Remote Location

So, you’re new to the whole remote work thing? Or you’ve been doing it since before it became a fad? Or perhaps you’re planning a workcation? And, well, no matter your situation, you are now on a quest to look for the best travel essentials to make the most of your ability to work from anywhere.

If yes, then you are in the right spot! We have curated this comprehensive guide for all remote workers or digital nomads, comprising all the essentials to carry while working from remote locations uninterrupted.

So, now that the agenda is clear, Houston, are you ready for takeoff? Here we go!

1. Lightweight Laptop 

In today’s times, it’s next to impossible to get on with working remotely without a laptop. And if you plan to travel (for instance, on a workcation) with your laptop, you’ll want to carry it around easily with you.

The three most important factors to consider while choosing a laptop for remote work are weight, battery life, and portability. So, make sure that your laptop is light enough to be carried around all day, has a long battery life, and is small enough to easily fit in your backpack.

2. Laptop Bag

Now that you have acquired the perfect laptop, you’ll need to carry it securely and comfortably.

Having a good laptop bag is an essential aspect if you plan to carry your device around with you frequently, like to your workcation destination or remote workspaces during the holidays.

Here, you’ll want something that is lightweight, snugly fits your laptop, and also comes equipped with enough pockets to carry other accessories like a laptop charger.

3. Noise-Canceling and Bluetooth Headphones (Or Earphones)

Well, you can’t control the noises around you; that is why humans created noise-canceling headphones.

Noise-canceling Bluetooth headphones are an absolute travel essential if you find yourself traveling frequently or working in public or outdoor spaces. They help you tune out the world and focus entirely on your work while getting entangled in a web of wires.

Also, with remote work, you get to be the master of your schedule, meaning having noise-canceling Bluetooth headphones will allow you to listen to music or podcasts and cut out unnecessary background noise while working or doing chores.

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4. Multiport Adapter Hub and Extension Cord

Having a multiport adapter will save you from situations where you don’t have the right port or cable and are unable to plug in the device you need to use. Therefore, having connectivity options is always a good option that equips you better for remote work.

Also, since finding multiple charging points for your various devices can be a bit of a hassle, carrying an extension cord with yourself is a wise decision.

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5. Portable Power Bank

No matter whether it’s remote work, working while traveling, or a workcation, battery life is always a big concern.

If on one fateful day, your device runs out of power and you need to send this report to your boss, however, you’re on a long journey from your accommodation or the place you’re at doesn’t have a plug-in spot. In cases like these, portable power banks can be lifesavers.

6. Laptop Stand 

If remote work is your thing, then you should definitely invest in a good laptop stand.

A laptop stand comes in handy when you need to use your laptop on uneven surfaces or in different environments. A stable, portable, and adjustable laptop stand will help make your remote workspace a tad more comfortable. It is also better for your posture for your line of sight to be at level with the upper part of your laptop, rather than having to hunch over it while typing.

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7.  Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

While you might not carry your wireless keyboard and mouse while heading for a workcation, you’d absolutely need them if you plan to do any serious work on your laptop while working remotely.

A wireless keyboard and mouse will make working on your laptop much more comfortable and will also reduce the rate of wear on your device.

Make sure that your keyboard and mouse are compatible with your laptop and small enough to easily fit in your backpack along with your laptop.

8. Mini Stationery Set

No matter the nature of your work, there will always be chances where you’ll have to take things off screen and return to the basics, i.e., pen and paper, and jot down all those swirling thoughts. It’s always great to bring some stationery.

If you work from home, you could use whiteboards or charts for any brainstorming sessions, and on a workcation, you could carry a mini stationery set to take down any impromptu thoughts or ideas.

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9. Water Bottle 

You gotta stay hydrated, buddy!

Staying hydrated is a crucial aspect of staying focused at work, not to mention how vital it is for your health. So, be sure to keep a water bottle within arms reach while you remote work or head for a workcation. And, it’d be even better to get an insulated bottle, so it keeps your hot beverages hot and the cold ones cold.

10. Back Support Cushion and Inflatable Pillow

Looking after your back is more than necessary during remote work, considering the hours spent working. A back support cushion provides additional support for your back while sitting and is portable enough to be carried while traveling or workcation.

There are times, while working remotely, where you are offered the opportunity to grab a quick nap in between meetings (or sometimes during meetings). For moments like these, these inflatable pillows are the thing you need. Inflatable pillows are compact, portable, comfortable, and great to use while traveling.

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There you go!

Hope this travel essential checklist makes your remote work life easier and more convenient.
With the travel essentials required while working from a remote location mentioned on the list above, you’ll be able to glide through your remote work tasks and see yourself thrive in the endearing remote work culture.