5 Must-Have Tools for Coworking Management

top coworking management softwares

Hybrid and remote working have become indispensable parts of today’s work culture. With all the perks these options offer, people have come to favor them over the traditional, conventional working style. Even the mere thought of going back to the past seems like downgrading from 5G bandwidth to 2G bandwidth, which is unimaginable and equally frustrating for most, if not some.

Now that the majority of people have realized how awesome and fulfilling the hybrid work model and working remotely can be, coworking office spaces have become the go-to option for the present hybrid workforce looking for a change of scenery and a professional work environment equipped with the best amenities.

However, with the coworking industry soaring and more and more people opting for it, numerous managers are often left struggling to juggle a list of tasks ranging from finding ways to optimize shared office space to processing payments to membership management to supervising their workforce and managing amenities, all while working towards building and maintaining their brand image.

Keeping track of this plethora of tasks can be laborious as well as time-consuming, which could derail everyone from their main goals. This is where coworking’s best ally comes in: technology. It is thanks to technology that coworking operators now have access to a myriad of coworking tools that have helped make their corporate lives more efficient and convenient.

Coworking space management tools not only help operators streamline arduous tasks that take up precious time but also help keep the community engaged and vibrant, thereby allowing the operators to focus on other important things: building their business and taking it to new heights.

What Are Coworking Management Software and Tools?

Before moving any further, it is important to understand what coworking management software and tools actually are.

Coworking management software and coworking management tools are basically coworking software solutions that help the coworking operators coordinate coworking spaces in real-time, allowing them to take a flexible coworking space and seamlessly accommodate a diverse group of people while maintaining and fulfilling the unique needs of every person.

On the other hand, coworking space management software and coworking space management tools help an operator improve space utilization or even create initiatives to optimize the floor plan based on the utilization of shared office space.

Top 5 Best Coworking Space Management Software and Tools

In a world where you are bombarded with a list of options every time you go out looking for something, choosing coworking management software can be pretty tricky.

A shared workspace software that comprises all options required for a seamless coworking experience for both employers and employees is a must-have if you or your employees use coworking spaces.

And if you are still looking for one and feel overwhelmed with all the available options, don’t worry because you’ve come to the right place. We have narrowed down the vast list of the industry’s top choices to help you find the best coworking management software for your space.

1. Corporate Product Suite (CPS)
2. andcards  
3. OfficeRnD
4. Nexudus
5. Cobot

1. Corporate Product Suite (CPS)

Corporate Product Suite (CPS) is coworking management software that offers coworking solutions for the hybrid workforce. Specifically designed to help manage coworking spaces for employees, this software not only optimizes office spaces and improves workspace allocation but also enhances productivity.

The platform simplifies the management of daily administrative tasks and allows the operators to seamlessly supervise their employees and manage other tasks such as coworking memberships, space allocation, and billing with greater efficiency.

The user-friendly application enhances the overall employee experience by allowing them to create bookings, request visits, check-in, and check out with ease.

Prominent Features

  • Corporate Admin Portal
    This portal allows corporate admins and HR heads to purchase memberships (Fixed and Multilocation memberships), and manage employees through HRMS integration or through spreadsheet bulk upload, besides this employees can be added manually as well.
    The platform offers rosters creations, and the rosters can be assigned to memberships. There are numerous unique features the platform provides such as sophisticated billing, consolidated invoice features, etc.
  • B2B/B2C app
    The platform can be used by all employees, regardless of where they are located. This app provides a check-in and check-out mechanism along with easy access. The same app can be used in both Personal and corporate modes.
  • Exclusive memberships
    With Corporate Product Suite, users get the opportunity to choose from exclusively curated membership plans. The members get to choose from fixed and multi-locational memberships.
    Fixed membership allows a set of employees to work from a fixed space for a given period for ex. 30, 60, 90, 180, and 365 days whereas Multilocational membership allows users to visit any space across PAN India which is classified into various categories such as Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Standard based on the amenities that space offers.


  • The freemium version of the software has limited features but the CPS comes up with Pro and Enterprise versions with the advanced set of features.

2. andcards

andcards coworking space software focuses on providing a simple user experience, making it easy for even the most non-technically inclined customers to learn the workings of the platform easily and quickly.

The software offers a user-friendly experience with its intuitive and unified platform across their web and mobile apps. It also comprises the top tools for coworking space operators like automated billing, member services, built-in analytics, membership management, bookings, visitor management, and access control, along with other features that cultivate an engaged and well-connected community and foster brand loyalty.

Prominent Features

  • Intuitive interface
    andcards is designed to make customers self-reliant by striving to make their platform as intuitive as possible.

    This implies that the users are able to easily sign up, book meeting rooms and desks, and communicate by themselves without the administration’s help. This means that the customers know how to use the app even before they visit the coworking space.

    The seamless customer experience, in turn, helps maximize conversion rates and overall member satisfaction.
  • User-friendly branded apps
    The cutting-edge technology and user-friendly design offer better accessibility and help make overall operations easier.
    Being one of the few coworking space management software that offers both web and native mobile apps, andcards gives its operators a first-class experience across all platforms and the freedom from desktops by enabling them to perform absolutely any task on mobile.
  • Unrivaled customer support
    andcards boasts unparalleled customer support with their 24/7 chat and email support at no extra cost, regardless of the membership plans. They also have a dedicated account manager who ensures that the user goes live with the web app within one hour of signup.

    andcards customer-centric approach, along with the regular training and webinars, helps the users learn about efficient coworking space management.


  • The software doesn’t offer a free trial.
  • The addition of a few minor things could enhance the user experience and administrative side even more.

3. OfficeRnD

OfficeRnD is an easy-to-use flex space and hybrid work management software. The software offers a wide range of features, such as CRM, location management, meeting room booking, managing coworking membership plans, and billing and invoicing, to name a few, by integrating the best business technologies available.

The software simplifies and streamlines the day-to-day coworking space management operations and optimizes the workspace based on data-driven decisions.

The presence of immense features, though with relative complexity, makes OfficeRnD an ideal coworking office space management software.

Prominent Features

  • Floor Plans
    This OfficeRnD feature gives the user a visualization of the office layout and resource allocation. The functionality of the feature, however, is more in line with office spaces than coworking spaces due to the agile and dynamic environment of the latter.
    But based on one’s requirements, they can request any changes to the software provider and get access to an updated floor plan on the app.
  • CRM
    OfficeRnD offers a custom built-in Customer Relationship Management function that allows business administrators to get predictive insights and better manage potential customers while collecting necessary data on their target audience. Thus, helping to build stronger customer relationships and make more sales.
  • Contract Management and Resource Management
    OfficeRnD provides a fully automated contract management system that takes care of billing, payments, and other contract-related issues, thereby improving operational efficiency.


  • The software is relatively complex, and it takes time to fully grasp any new system updates.
  • The price of paid support plans is on the higher end.
  • It is compatible with certain operating systems but tends to lag on others.

4. Nexudus

Nexudus offers a complete coworking space management system for coworking businesses of all sizes. It is a one-stop solution for managing and promoting coworking spaces, flex workspaces, and hybrid workspaces. It not only automates the day-to-day operations and saves valuable time but also helps grow the client network and build a professional community.

The platform also offers all the must-have tools for running a coworking space, from automated billing and accounting to CRM, coworking memberships, newsletters, tracking tasks, delivery management, booking, and tailored customization, including but not limited to logos, content, and photos.

Prominent Features

  • Nexudus provides seven companion mobile apps aimed at enhancing the customer’s experience and automating daily tasks associated with operating flexible coworking spaces. These mobile apps cover a wide range of activities, ranging from booking meeting rooms to organizing deliveries, contactless check-in, tally counters, and event trackers.
  • The platform gives admins the freedom to create custom pages using static or dynamic templates on the Members Portal. Depending on their web development, one can create anything from interactive content to simply displaying information.
  • Nexudus comprises an email newsletter tool inside its coworking app, allowing operators to send personalized emails or newsletters to their members. It also features document templates that can be used to send proposals to potential customers and be signed with Digital Signature.


  • Customizing the software to meet specific needs could take longer than expected.
  • The software could be over complicated for some and hard to navigate through.
  • The overall documentation feature could use some improvement.

5. Cobot

Cobot is a management software that offers unique solutions for coworking spaces, flexible workspaces, and office hubs all around the world. It can be used as free coworking management software during its free trial period.

The platform helps manage daily administrative tasks efficiently and offers an intuitive interface that can be used for various tasks such as monitoring booking day passes, supervising coworking space members, creating invoices, providing customer support, and so on. The app also allows the operators to rebrand the platform with their logo and determine the features best suited for their business.

Prominent Features

  • Free trial
    Cobot offers a full-featured thirty-day free trial consisting of all of its core features. This allows coworking operators to use the coworking space management app without having to commit to long-term or expensive conditions.
  • Member Portal
    The platform provides a member portal that allows a coworking space business to entirely customize its members’ experiences. This includes custom domains, custom colors, adding logos, and so on.
  • API platform tool
    Cobot’s API enables seamless integration with dozens of apps and tools, such as payment processing applications, project management apps, and social networking solutions, to name a few. This powerful platform allows coworking spaces to combine multiple different apps and tools into one hub for better convenience and efficiency.


  • The software has fewer options for integrations and fewer business analytics features.
  • The platform doesn’t offer 24/7 customer support.
  • Some complex functionalities may affect the user experience.

Here’s a quick glance at all the features of the coworking management software we’ve discussed above.

top coworking management software

Now to conclude, the above-mentioned are the essential tools for coworking operators that are great options for coworking management platforms; nonetheless, in the end, it will always boil down to your present and future business requirements.

Whether you are looking for tools for managing coworking facilities or need to optimize the floor plans for your hybrid coworking office space, a smooth user experience with mobile apps, or varied membership options, there is always a workspace solution that is perfect and fulfilling for you and your needs!