11 Tools to Enhance Your Team Experience at Hybrid Workplace

Jira is the perfect solution for agile development teams because it was created exclusively for software and engineering teams. Before the recent hybrid work trend, many firms used Jira internally, but its project visibility capabilities made it an especially vital tool for hybrid tech teams who can’t hold in-person huddles.

1. Jira

Technical documentation platform Confluence fundamentally functions as an internal wiki for archiving and updating business information. In order to prevent communication pipeline gaps, it is intended to standardize and automate technical documentation procedures.

2. Confluence

Excalidraw is a digital whiteboard alternative. Teams can brainstorm potential projects and discuss ideas both virtually and in person. Smaller teams can access a version of the platform with core functionality like sketching tools, text editing, and picture attachment for free

3. Excalidraw

Almost everyone is now familiar with Zoom. At the start of the pandemic, it was a lifeline, but it soon became a cause of screen fatigue. It is now among the most widely used apps for video conferencing. According to Business of Apps, the company’s user base increased by 2,900% during the pandemic.

4. Zoom

Through the use of a webcam and Loom, users can video themselves chatting and showing their screens, which they can then share with their friends, family, and coworkers so they can view them at their own leisure. It offers a low-effort method of conversational communication without the need to plan video sessions or organize availability.

5. Loom

Slack revolutionized workplace communication by making it simple to send messages about tasks related to your job, updates on your organization, or just to chat. Teams, departments, ERGs, and social groups can all be organized on Slack using different channels

6. Slack

It should go without saying that Google is a giant and that you have undoubtedly utilized Google Workspace at some time in your career. Google has positioned itself to be a platform that caters to entirely remote, hybrid, and in-person teams after changing its name from G Suite in 2020.

7. Google Workspace

Envoy is a software platform that was first created for managing hotel reservations and is now used by various businesses to manage their actual office locations, maximizing their real estate utilization and planning when employees come to work in person.

8. Envoy

To put it simply, organizations like HBO and IBM utilize Airtable, which is just a fancy spreadsheet, to keep staff members on target and monitor progress. Employees and managers can post comments on one other’s work to offer advice or guidance and communicate updates without leaving Airtable.

9. Airtable

With PandaDoc’s free plan, you can upload as many documents as you like. Upgrade to a subscription plan to access templates, round-the-clock support, and more features. Paid services begin at $29 per user per month (billed monthly). Digital signature has become simpler with PandaDoc for anything from client contracts to paperwork for new hire onboarding.

10. PandaDoc

You get unlimited access to time tracking, projects, clients, and tags with Toggl Track’s free plan. You’ll need a subscription plan to access billable rates, time rounding, and other features. Paid services begin at $10 per user per month (billed monthly).

11. Toggl