Types of Coworking Membership Plans

Coworking spaces offer a collaborative and flexible environment for individuals from different companies, promoting community, accessibility, and sustainability.

What is Coworking Space Membership?

Coworking spaces offer various membership plans for workers and professionals to join their community, including hot desk, dedicated desk, private office, virtual office, and custom business services, with pricing based on the chosen plan.

Benefits of Coworking Membership Plans

Flexible time and location, customized services, collaborative work environment, affordable rates, increased cash flow for space owners.

Types of Coworking Membership Plans

Offering a variety of coworking space membership plans is essential to attract clients and increase revenue. Read on for some successful ideas.

1. Dedicated Desk Membership Plan

Membership offers a familiar and consistent workspace with additional storage space. Ideal for solopreneurs, freelancers, and startups.

2. Weekend Or Hourly Membership Plan

Membership plans cater to entrepreneurs, side hustlers, and those working on weekend projects. They offer convenient and cost-effective access to workspaces on weekends or for short-term usage.

3. Fixed Location

Stylework provides fixed coworking plans with 2000+ office options, including open and dedicated desks, private cabins, and meeting rooms. Membership terms range from 15 to 365 days.

4. Multi Locations

Our multi-location membership options provide access to over 2000 workspaces across different cities, making it easy to work from wherever you choose in the country.

5 The Community Membership Plan

No long-term commitment needed, just community vibes. Low fee, high value.

6. Meeting Rooms Membership Plan

Elevate your meetings with our Meeting Rooms Membership Plan. Affordable access to conference and meeting spaces for freelancers, startups, and small teams.

7. Day Pass Coworking Space Plan

Enjoy all the perks of a regular member, including high-speed Wi-Fi and private phone booths, without long-term commitment. Perfect for occasional facility use or remote workers.

Stylework Corporate Product Suite (CPS), offering customized plans to fit every user's needs. From dedicated desks to part-time memberships and hourly passes for digital nomads, their SAAS product is efficient and flexible for all workspace users.

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