Meeting at Cafes and Coworking Spaces: Which Space is Best?

Meeting at Cafes and Coworking Spaces

As new work culture trends continue to evolve, the disruption of the traditional workspace atmosphere has become more apparent than ever. With people choosing to work in more flexible and dynamic settings, the concept of conventional office spaces has become something of the past because places like coworking spaces provide everything a professional worker needs for the uninterrupted functioning of their daily corporate tasks.

And not just coworking spaces; places like the local coffee shops are also catching up to these changing trends and providing all the basic amenities today’s workforce requires.

Nonetheless, as popular as these two places might be among the working class, there are still certain distinct lines that differentiate the former from the latter. There are numerous pros and cons to working in a coworking space or a workspace cafe, i.e., your local coffee shop, and choosing the one that works best for you could probably be the make-or-break decision for your business.

So, if you are one of the millions who have ditched conventional working norms and are asking yourself, What would be the best working environment for me? You’ve come to the right place because in this blog we talk about just that!

Coffee Shops vs Coworking Spaces: Which is the Best for You?

Coffee shops vs coworking spaces is the forever ongoing debate for the hybrid and remote workforce. And as the digital era continues to redefine the way we work, choosing between a bustling coffee shop or a professional coworking space could make all the difference.

Coworking spaces provide an optimal environment that not only motivates its members to stick to their schedules but also helps them get things done. These workspaces also offer numerous amenities and facilities, such as shared desks, private desks, or hot desks, lounges, and break rooms, at pretty reasonable rates, not to mention sleek interior designs and a professional work environment that helps enhance productivity and efficiency.

And just like coworking spaces, there is a venue that has become a much-loved working space for many: workspace cafes, better known as your local coffee shops. Multiple people, from entrepreneurs to corporate workers, have been swarming these aesthetically pleasing workspaces for their daily doses of coffee and approaching deadlines.

The reason people use these coffee shops is because of the atmosphere they have to provide one that is casual but not too boisterous and also conducive for those who prefer a little background noise while working. It also goes without saying how accessible coffee shops are; in fact, there’s probably one just around every corner.

So, if you find yourself sitting on the fence about which one to choose, we have created a list of all the pros and cons just for you so that you can make an informative and well-thought-out decision for yourself and your business.

1. Cost

Though the cost of renting a spot in a coworking space could make some people reconsider their decisions, there are numerous long-term benefits that come along with it. 

Coworking spaces provide a conducive work environment with the added benefit of being accessible 24 hours a day at many locations. Not to forget the several other amenities that come along, such as access to printers, meeting rooms, scanners, and other networking opportunities.

Coffee shops, on the other hand, might seem like a better and cheaper option initially, but when you add up the cost per day over a long period of time, the amount that builds up proves to be quite wasteful. 

While you will always have access to your daily cup of coffee, there is no guarantee that you’ll always get a table of your choice; in fact, on some days, you may not get a table at all. And the background noises can prove disruptive if you plan to meet a client or attend an online conference call.

2. Amenities

Coworking spaces provide numerous amenities. Most office spaces have dedicated meeting rooms that can be booked for important meetings with clients or other occasions, along with cafeterias that offer snacks and beverages such as tea and coffee throughout the day. 

With reliable infrastructure and access to IT help and other troubleshooting teams, coworking spaces guarantee a smooth working experience for all their members.

Nowadays, the majority of coffee shops, along with being easily accessible, also offer free internet access in addition to freshly brewed coffee. However, all of this loses its appeal over time when numerous other people use this connection for a plethora of different purposes, and internet connectivity is greatly affected. 

Also, these workspaces do not offer dedicated spaces or task areas for people to work since they do not exclusively cater to working professionals but also to people who are there just to fulfill their daily coffee needs.

3. Seating Availability

One of the many benefits of coworking spaces is that they take responsibility for providing you with an appropriate workspace that accommodates all your needs. So, whether you want shared desks, private desks, hot desks, or any other seating arrangements, coworking spaces will always have something to provide you with to fulfill your work requirements. 

Also, when you pay for a workspace, you can use it whenever you want and for however long you desire. Not to mention, you can also gather a larger number of people in a coworking space, which is an important requirement if you have your own business or plan to start one.

In coffee shops, the concept of ‘your spot’ doesn’t exist since the staff is under no obligation to reserve your preferred table for you. You are also bound by time restrictions, which means you can only work there during their open hours. 

It is also comparatively more challenging to accommodate larger groups in workspace cafes on a regular basis, which could be a hurdle for you if you are a business looking to expand.

4. Networking

Coworking spaces want their members to enjoy where they work, and one of the ways to do this is to build a coworking community that nurtures connectivity and growth. Oftentimes, coworking spaces organize social and networking events such as get-togethers, mixers, and skill enhancement workshops for their members that offer them the opportunity to meet with potential clients, service providers, and collaborators, which could greatly help them in their business. Also, by interacting with people from different backgrounds, the members get the chance to view things from different perspectives, share ideas, and gain industrial knowledge.

When working in a cafe, you get to chat with the barista or maybe strike up a conversation with another patron, but that conversation is likely to be a very casual one because the majority of the people who visit coffee shops are there to take a breather from their workload. So, socializing here wouldn’t involve the exchange of business ideas or industrial knowledge.

day passes in coworking spaces

The Bottom Line

The coworking space vs cafe debate is ever-going, and despite how the benefits of coworking spaces often tend to outweigh those of workspace cafes, making a decision between these two ultimately depends on your needs. While visiting a coffee shop can be beneficial in its own way, in the long run, opting for a coworking space is a better option considering the consistency and security they offer, which play a great role in boosting your overall productivity and work output.

However, if you are still not entirely convinced, you can always test the waters by opting for a day pass to a nearby coworking space that would give you access to all its facilities for a day.

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