Real-Time Inventory Feature for Workspaces

Real-Time Inventory

From GPS to live streaming to gaming to messaging to broadcasting events, everything around us is powered by real-time data. Real-time updates are no longer a fancy or extravagant technology that keeps you a step ahead of others; they have rather become a necessity to be able to keep up in this fast-paced world that waits for no one.

Our reliance on data has never been greater than it is today, enabling industries across all sectors to utilize the data they’ve collected over the years, and with no lags whatsoever in between, the real-time data is immediately accessible once it is obtained and forwarded to users as soon as it is collected.

Here’s a question. If you have real-time updates for anything and everything in your life, then why not also have them for the places you spend the majority of your work week at—your very own workspaces?

Well, your wish has been granted because Stylework brings to you a feature that’ll definitely make your coworking life a walk in the park—the Real-Time Inventory feature—available exclusively on the Stylework official app.

A Game Changer for Flexibility in Day to Day Workspace Needs?

With hundreds of businesses and companies stepping away from the traditional norms of office spaces and turning to flexible workspace solutions instead, it is essential that you know the inside and out of the workspace you prefer to work in with your team so you have a seamless and effective working experience.

Therefore, along with taking into consideration the amenities and facilities offered by the coworking space, keep in mind that being able to stay updated on the inventory in real-time about your desired flex space is also necessary. And that is where Stylework’s real-time inventory feature comes into play to make your remote work life a breeze.

Available on Stylework’s official app, the real-time inventory, as the name suggests, gives you access to view the real-time updates on the inventory of your preferred flexible workspace, along with the workspace’s detailed information, price listings, and flexi and day passes offerings.

What Benefits Does Real-Time Inventory Have for You?

The real-time inventory feature in Stylework’s official app optimizes your coworking experience, making it a lot easier by bringing all your workspace-related information within a tap away. With the various benefits that the real-time inventory feature entails, some of them are mentioned below.

1. It’s all about the details of your preferred workspace.

Have access to not just the generic information but also the comprehensive details regarding a workspace’s schedule.

  • Being well aware of the operational hours and any scheduled maintenance work at the workplace will help you plan your work day accordingly.
  • It will also make your work life more cohesive when you stay updated about the days for which the space is inaccessible, like the holidays exclusive to the state in which a coworking space or managed space is located and the official as well as the unofficial holidays.

2. Sometimes it’s all about the timing.

Plan in advance and stay a step ahead, so you never have to pay more than required.

  • On days with fewer available seats, the costs of the available seats tend to rise, causing a surge in prices.
  • But with the real-time inventory, you have nothing to worry about because, with this feature, you get to keep track of the real-time prices so that you can tactfully avoid these dynamic price fluctuations.

3. Ultimately, it’s all about being up-to-date with the inventory status of your preferred workspace.

Book a workspace with the real-time inventory on the app and always be updated with the inventory status.

  • Using real-time inventory, you get inventory updates regarding things such as the number of booked seats, meeting rooms, and conference rooms.
  • Always stay updated on the Flexi and day passes offered, which give you access to all the amenities and facilities of a coworking space for an entire day.

How Do You Access Real-Time Inventory for Your Workspace?

Having the real-time inventory feature helps you stay up-to-date about every aspect of your workspace, and with all the information at your fingertips, you have just one less thing to fret over, making your hybrid or remote work life much more convenient and systematic, which in turn helps you improve your work-life balance and overall well-being.

So without further ado, download the Stylework Official Mobile App today and book AWFIS Day Desk/Flexi Pass/Day Pass so that you always stay well-informed and on top of your game without having to worry about getting a seat for yourself or your team ever again.

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