Types of Coworking Membership Plans

Types of Coworking Membership Plans

The idea of a coworking facility in the simplest sense is, a setting created to house individuals from various companies that come to work. Coworking is about more than just splitting costs and infrastructure; it’s also about community, accessibility, and sustainability. The new approach to work and sharing is coworking.

The flexibility to work when you want without having to forgot the services you expect from an office makes coworking spaces an incredibly useful option for people who work from home as well as startups and freelancers.

Coworking spaces are designed to provide a productive and collaborative environment. All coworking spaces offer a variety of membership types, each with its own advantages and costs, to increase flexibility. Members are able to purchase exactly what they require without exceeding their budget in this fashion.

Utilize the flexible membership options, you can walk in and hot-desk in an open-concept workspace or rent a private desk in a shared office through coworking space aggregators like Stylework.

What is Coworking Space Membership?

Membership in a coworking space involves paying a fee to be formally linked with one and to be recognized as a member of their community for a set amount of time. 

Membership in a coworking space offers a sense of camaraderie and shared amenities to a variety of workers and independent professionals. 

The majority of coworking spaces give you a variety of membership options. These plans are created to appeal to a variety of clientele. Pricing for the most popular coworking membership plans, including hot desk, dedicated desk, private office, virtual office, custom business services, and others, is determined based on the offers. 

Your monthly revenue strategy is built on membership plans. You may draw in a more diversified clientele and enhance your ability to serve the community by providing a range of membership options. 

The seven popular membership plans that coworking operators employ will be discussed in detail in this article. They are described to assist you in selecting the ideal choice for your requirements. We cover a range of membership programs, including the hot desk membership, the dedicated Desk membership, and the Private office membership.

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Benefits of Coworking Membership Plans

The flexibility of time and location that membership plans to offer, along with the ability to customise services to meet your needs, make them incredibly helpful. With membership plans, you can have an ideal office setting to work as and when you need it.

It provides a perfect work environment that is collaborative, vibrant, and full of energy with great community and a ton of exposure. Membership plans are designed to accommodate businesses of all sizes, working professionals, entrepreneurs, etc., and allow professionals to conduct their work efficiently at affordable rates.

Not only the users but coworking space owners too benefit greatly from this plan with increased cash flow due to enhanced flexibility options resulting in the scaling of the scope of services.

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Types of Coworking Membership Plans 

It’s essential to provide a range of membership options for the various consumer types you are trying to attract if you operate a coworking space. You’ll not only draw in more clients this way, but you’ll also earn more money doing it.

This blog post will go over seven various coworking space membership plans that are sure to make you successful. So continue reading if you want some tried-and-true ideas!

  1. Dedicated Desk Membership Plan
  2. Weekend Or Hourly Membership Plan
  3. Fixed Location Plan
  4. Multi Locations Plan
  5. The Community Membership Plan
  6. Meeting Rooms Membership Plan
  7. Day Pass Coworking Space Plan

1. Dedicated Desk Membership Plan

The dedicated desk membership is intended for people who feel at ease in a familiar setting. The ‘dedicated desk plan’ is self-explanatory. This membership plan assures that you get the same desk every day.

This suits best for those who are looking for additional storage space. For instance, this plan is a great fit for solopreneurs, freelancers, start-ups, etc. who would like to avail of a specific office setting at competitive pricing. 

2. Weekend Or Hourly Membership Plan

This coworking package is appealing to entrepreneurs who are short on funds, side hustlers, people who work on projects outside of regular business hours, and people who want to launch a business outside of their 9 to 5.

The weekender plans provide you with the perfect workspace to work throughout the weekends while being incredibly convenient and cost-effective.

The weekender membership option permits you to access workstations at non-peak hours, like on Saturday or Sunday. Hourly plans, which allow you to work on an hourly basis and charge you hourly, are generally used by people looking for workstations for a short period of time.

3. Fixed Location

Fixed membership plans are offered by coworking space aggregators like Stylework. To discover the ideal office space for you, you may pick from more than 2000 options. We offer you the choice of an open desk for best space utilisation or a dedicated desk if you require a specific workstation to return to each day.

To suit your needs, we also provide private cabins, meeting and conference rooms and a workspace rich with amenities  for a convenient office experience.
In case you are wondering the time duration for which you can avail these services. The minimum and maximum terms for this membership are 15 and 365 days, respectively.

4. Multi Locations

With access to more than 2000 spaces spread across numerous cities, including tier 1 and 2, you can work wherever you choose in the country with our multi-locational membership options.
This plan gives locational flexibility in a real sense specially for those who are frequent travellers.

We have day passes available for employees who intend to stay in the city for only a short time.
This membership is valid only up to a brief period of time.
These multi-location day passes are available in platinum, gold, silver, and standard categories. You can browse our multi-locations membership plans and select the one that best meets your needs. 

5. The Community Membership Plan

Without requiring them to make a long-term commitment to the workspace, the community membership plan grants members access to the coworking community. At a relatively low entry fee, it offers a lot of value.

Prospective members who might be interested in joining the coworking community but aren’t searching for regular access to a workspace will find this package appealing. 

By offering a community membership plan, you increase the likelihood that new members will sign up who otherwise would not. The community vibe, not the workspace, is essentially being sold in this plan. 

6. Meeting Rooms Membership Plan

With this plan, employees will have affordable access to conference and meeting spaces. Access to meeting rooms is a useful choice whether you’re a freelancer meeting with a client, a startup pitching investors, a small team doing a strategy session, or a service provider delivering a workshop.

7. Day Pass Coworking Space Plan

All the services and perks that regular members enjoy, including high-speed Wi-Fi, printer and scanner access, private phone booths, and shared workstations, are typically available to day pass holders at shared office spaces. A day pass holder can also get special deals on activities and products from affiliate companies.

Customers can visit coworking spaces with a day pass without committing to a long-term membership, which is a terrific option. 
This kind of arrangement is ideal for independent contractors, distant employees, people who are new to the flexible work system, or who need to use the facilities only once in a while.

Day pass starts from ₹249* only Download the App Now

By joining a co-working community, You might find an encouraging atmosphere that allows you to flourish. You can gain access to our extensive network of shared workplaces and utilize a coworking desk anywhere.

A co-working membership makes it simple to work your way wherever you are thanks to our business centers’ availability of options to book offices and meeting spaces as well as business-grade internet, telephones, and ergonomic furniture.

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Effortlessly manage multiple membership plans

A perfect, smoothly operating membership management system is something that tech-based aggregators like Stylework have. It can manage many membership plans effectively. 
An efficient coworking management software sets up membership plans based on user requirements. For instance, arranging a separate workstation for people who benefit from a familiar workspace or arranging a hot desk for people who want to work in a different environment occasionally. 

Part-time membership plans are assigned to those who work part-time, saving them time and additional out-of-pocket expenses that they would have otherwise spent on a dedicated desk. Or provide digital nomads an hourly cost or day pass so they may travel between places.  This is accomplished through the effective administration of membership plans. 

As different workspace users pay for the services they want, having a variety of membership options helps the cash flow. As it all boils down to flexibility, the finest coworking spaces provide a wide choice of membership alternatives.

You can access flexible membership plans for businesses and individuals through co-working aggregators like Stylework, walk to work or work from new locations each day, offering you locational flexibility. With our Day Pass, you also have time flexibility. Make the most of your day with this pass, which can be used for up to 8 hours and is offered daily, weekly, fortnightly, quarterly, monthly, and annually. Also aims to give your home business a professional appearance through its virtual office membership plans.

Additionally, we provide the Meeting Pass service, which you’ll require for your seamless 2–5 hour meetings. Or, as a member of our Multi-locational membership simply arrive or make a reservation at any Stylework location, check yourself in, and start working.

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Types of Coworking Membership Plans