Flexboard: A Most Reliable and Efficient Tool to Manage Coworking and Office Teams

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Before delving into the applications and functionalities of Flexboard, let’s first understand what Flexboard is. It is a coworking management software that helps with scheduling, billing cycles, and other related duties as well as managing workers and also effectively manages hybrid work models.

This coworking space software can increase productivity and effectiveness in addition to optimizing office spaces and enhancing workplace allocation. Stylework’s coworking management solution holds great importance in managing coworking spaces, as it optimizes office space utilization and boosts the productivity and efficiency of the company. 

The blog discusses the significance, advantages, and ways in which the Flexboard by Stylework enhances the member experience as well as the ways in which Stylework has carved out a niche for itself in the coworking space industry with its product. So continue reading to learn more about Flexboard. 

Benefits of Using Flexboard in Managing Your Team

Given the variety of advantages Flexboard provides and how simple the organization’s operational procedures are made for members. The clients of the members are satisfied due to the value-added services they are able to avail with the support of Flexboard, and as a result, the client retention rates are boosted. According to your organization’s demands, our product suite is adaptable, customizable, and scalable. There are numerous other advantages that it can provide for your company, some of which are listed below. 

1. Streamlining Space Utilization

There are many benefits of coworking software one of them being – Through the Flexboard paradigm, effective space utilization is accomplished. Employers can integrate their HRMS software, giving them effective control over workspace allocation.

Through additional analytical and predictive capabilities, Flexboard by Stylework assists organizations in optimizing office space and better allocating people to workspaces in order to increase efficiency, effectiveness, and cost for the present and the future. 

2. Efficient Booking Management

With simple web or smartphone browsing and booking, you may filter by amenities, coworker bookings, and more through our management software for coworking spaces. The booking can be done on demand and with time-flexibility for quality work desks. Booking can also be done for free tours.

Effective booking facilitates effective space utilization and the data related to occupancy facilitates correcting underutilization and promoting optimum utilization of resources. Visit our website to access fixed or multi-locational membership options at a price that works for you. Multilocational membership plans should be your go-to if you frequently travel. 

3. Accurate Billing and Invoicing

With the help of coworking billing software and coworking scheduling software, Through a visually summarised form, users may manage their payments, invoices, and billing information. Keeping track of invoices and billing is made simple by the fact that Flexboard is an integrated system where all the data is consolidated.

4. Simplifying Communication with Members

Communication becomes easy with coworking software platforms such as Flexboard by assigning locations and making reservations for their seats in advance, our Flexboard streamlines and clarifies communication with members.

Through the Visits and Approvals component of Flexboard, employees can view or increase their visit requests, histories, and approvals, while administrators can view request histories and accept or deny the same adding to the benefits of office space.

The Manage Roles option in Settings makes it simple for corporate admins to grant other employees access to sub-admin, super-admin, and other rights such as View, Add, Edit, and Delete.

5. Customizing the Coworking Experience

The layout and capacity are scalable as the business expands. The arrangement can be altered to suit a person’s needs. Customers can easily adjust the Stylework’s Flexboard working parameters to suit their needs.
Helps easily manage usage, permissions, and budgets and personalize employee workstation requirements to their needs and also helps customize workspace permissions. You can set your preferences through coworking membership plans as explained in the upcoming section.

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Flexboard Benefits for Employers

Employers profit tremendously from the CPS

Employers profit tremendously from the Flexboard in many ways, have a glance at the perks listed below constituting the majority of those benefits. 

  1. Provides centralised solution: Our Flexboard approach may be integrated, customized, and scaled to meet the organizational needs of businesses. Provides end to end solution from employee assignment to billing updates.
  2. Improves efficiency and effectiveness: It facilitates effective internal communication for our clients and aids in keeping track of their staff, this eventually aids in increasing business productivity. In order to effectively manage their teams, Flexboard gives administrators the ability to provide roles and permissions to specific employees.
  3. Easy and systematic control: Through incredibly user-friendly software, it successfully monitors employees and solves a large chunk of their management issues. The duties are assigned, distributed, tracked, and guided online to help operational processes function more efficiently.
  4. Aids in management: Employers can monitor bookings and control access, spending, and usage at the corporate, team, or individual level with the help of our Flexboard model.
  5. Resource optimization: It helps keep an eye on consumption, quit making payments for unused space, establish budgets, and make advance plans.

Flexboard Benefits for Employees

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Employees stand to gain just as much as the employers from the smart Flexboard solution, in the following ways – 

  1. Grip on operations: The Flexboard makes it easier to manage advanced membership and staff processes. 
  2. Multilocational flexibility: The platform offers PAN India presence of all categories of workspaces in over 90 cities, so employees could conduct work wherever they want, on the go! 
  3. Safe and secure: By adhering to Covid and Health, Safety, Environment, and Sustainability (HSES) safety regulations and strict usage policies, the platform makes sure that every workstation is secure and safe for all its users.
  4. Operational efficiency: Thanks to Flexboard, workstation and resource allocation are done systematically, communication is effectively made, and easy check-in procedures made simple with QR scanning feature, employees can now work without any hassle. 
  5. Better clarity of work: It aids in usage tracking and aids in workers’ comprehension of what needs to be done and their specific responsibilities. 

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How Flexboard Improves the Member Experience

The hub and spoke concept and general hybrid workplace management are made possible by Stylework’s Flexboard. It plays a significant part in enhancing the member experience. It enhances client experiences and provides value to the services in the following ways:

  • Keeping track of their employees, controlling billing cycles, scheduling and canceling visits, reserving specific locations, checking in and out, generating requests to admins and RM, and much more.
  • We provide complete solutions with our coworking app management that make the client’s operating processes run more efficiently.
  • Employers can integrate with their HR software, which will let them control the Workspace Allocation and Meeting Reimbursements. 
  • Through additional analytical and predictive capabilities, Flexboard by Stylework assists organizations in optimizing office space and better allocating people to workspaces in order to increase efficiency, effectiveness, and cost for the present and the future.
  • The product line enables extensive membership and staff administration and aids in the customization of workspace privileges. 
  • Our Flexboard model has a superior build than other coworking software platforms, we make coworking simple and accessible to everyone. 
  • It also assists employees in understanding what needs to be done and their respective duties. 
  • Flexible workspace system with absolute freedom in terms of location, duration, and work type. 
  • Provides workspace facility PAN India with customizable options and varying facilities and amenities with advanced configuration. 
  • Improves community collaboration. 
  • Our corporate suite eliminates different types of hassles of managing operational variables with cost-effective solutions. 
  • Our Flexboard Mobile App is very user-friendly and is designed for all operating systems (Android, iOS).

Discover the Coworking Membership that Works for You!

Discover our uniquely designed coworking space memberships for you and your team at any of our locations nationwide managed efficiently by our Flexboard. These subscriptions are affordable and very beneficial to members. Benefit greatly from our management software for coworking spaces through exercising the two membership plan types we provide, fixed and multilocational, which are as follows: 


Fixed Memberships Plans in Coworking

With our Fixed Memberships, you may choose the office space that best suits your requirements and workstation from our 2000+ exclusive spaces accessible PAN India and take advantage of a hassle-free check-in process. Additional benefits of this membership include vast facilities created for individual use, including the complete layout of your workplace, as well as extra add-on services that can improve your working environment. 

Fixed locational plans are best suited for freelancers, startups, entrepreneurs, and small businesses who are looking for an office environment that will help them carry out their operations and at the same time save their overhead costs. It is also useful for employees who are working hybrid or from home or not from an office base location. 


multi-locational memberships for office spaces

Our multi-locational memberships provide all the benefits and services that fixed memberships do, with the added convenience of being able to access locations across India, including tier 2 cities and other regions.

Multi-locational plans are the ideal choice for you if you frequently travel. As a member of our Multi-locational membership simply arrive or make a reservation at any Stylework location, check yourself in, and start working.

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Given the continually shifting demands of the business, we have created a service or innovation with our flexboard that has only benefited us as a supplier of flexible facilities. Stylework’s Flexboard is an easy-to-use, dependable, and self-sufficient solution for managing the workforce. 

You can arrange a demo request. Alternatively, take a Flexboard trial to see how useful Stylework can be for you. The advantages of this coworking software are currently available to you with simple Flexboard implementation and affordable office space membership plans.

Schedule a Flexboard Demo

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Stylework’s Flexboard?
The Stylework’s Flexboard increases productivity, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness both now and in the future by optimizing office space and workplace organization. The plug-and-play architecture enables customization and easy system integration. This Coworking Office Space Management Software was created primarily to assist in managing coworking spaces for workers.

2. How do you manage a coworking space?
Creating a well-functioning managed office space by focusing on community building, recruiting the right people, using coworking space management tools, partnering with other local businesses, aggressive marketing, productive space utilization, and its impact on ROI must be given top attention when operating coworking spaces. 

3. What are Fixed Memberships Plans?
With our Fixed coworking memberships plans, you can choose from our 2500+ exclusive spaces accessible PAN India, your desired office space, and workstation, and take advantage of a hassle-free check-in process. Additional benefits of this membership include vast facilities created for individual usage and extra add-on services that can improve your working environment. Stylework’s membership plans also include day passes and the availability of meeting rooms.

4. What is Multi Locational Membership?
In addition to providing the same advantages as Fixed Memberships, our Multi-Locational Memberships also give you access to several locations across India.

5. How can I schedule a demo for Stylework’s Flexboard?
Avail the benefits of coworking by visiting our website, you can choose the date and time that works best for you, provide your information, and schedule the demo.

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