FlexBoard Login: A Smooth and Secure Guide

FlexBoard Login A Smooth and Secure Guide

Stylework’s FlexBoard is your go-to hybrid workplace management tool designed to streamline your office operations and enhance productivity in the ever-evolving world of hybrid work. This hybrid workplace platform can optimize the way you manage your hybrid workspaces.

Streamlined Workspace Management with FlexBoard

The need for efficient workspace management has become increasingly crucial as the modern workplace continues to evolve. FlexBoard by Stylework emerges as the ultimate solution for effortlessly optimizing workspace dynamics.

1. Optimizing Workspace Allocation

FlexBoard helps organizations optimize office spaces and allocate employees effortlessly and efficiently. With the utilization of its additional analytics and predictive features, this hybrid workplace management tool ensures that the workspace resources are employed effectively, thereby enhancing efficiency and cost-effectiveness both for the present and the future.

2. Seamless Employee Management

With the hybrid workplace platform, FlexBoard, managing remote and on-site employees has never been easier.
From scheduling to billing cycles, this software-as-a-service (SaaS) tool for hybrid workplace management provides administrators and HRs with the tools they need for streamlined and seamless management.
The modular design of FlexBoard ensures that it optimally integrates with existing systems to ensure an overall smooth transition.

3. Tailored Coworking Solutions

FlexBoard does not just cater to conventional office setups; it is a tailored hybrid workplace solution that meets the needs of flexible workspaces such as coworking spaces, managed office spaces, and so on.
From coworking memberships to single-day passes, FlexBoard simplifies the process of managing coworking meeting rooms, shared office spaces, and conference rooms, among other coworking facilities.

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Easy Onboarding and Integration

Signing up for the hybrid workplace platform, FlexBoard, is pretty simple. And once you do, you can easily manage employees, customize workspace permissions, and seamlessly track workspace and meeting bookings. Also, the hybrid workplace platform can be integrated with your existing ERP or HR software for additional convenience.

FlexBoard Sign Up

Step 1: Head to corp.stylework.city to register.

FlexBoard Login

Step 2: Log in using your credentials.

Managing Employees

Step 3: You can add employees in the Employee Management section of the Employee module. Employees can be added manually, or you can also download the CSV file or add the employees in the mentioned format and upload the required files.

manage employees

Managing Rights

Admin/Department Heads/End User for approval: The feature of panel access in accordance with the role-based hierarchy is featured in the Enterprise Version. The freemium FlexBoard Basic version comes with 1 administrator access, while the paid FlexBoard Pro version comes with 2 administrator access.

manage roles in FlexBoard

Onboarding Email

Step 4: After you are done with the process of adding employees, the said employees will get notified via email regarding their successful onboarding. In addition, they will receive a link to download the employee app.

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Simple and Transparent Pricing Plans

Stylework’s SaaS tool for hybrid workplace management, FlexBoard, offers a range of pricing plans, so you can choose the one that suits your needs the best.

1. FlexBoard Basic

This is the freemium version with a zero monthly subscription fee that allows you to onboard up to 200 employees, with a limit of 10 roster creations. This plan allows one administrator access to the panel and a 7-day audit history.

2. FlexBoard Pro

The FlexBoard Pro version allows a cap of 1,000 employees, with a limit of 500 roster creations. The plan features two administrators and a 30-day audit history. This plan also comes with HRMS integration for a smooth flow of required data from the HRMS software to the hybrid workplace management tool, in addition to administration control to approve or reject a raised visit request.

Intuitive Dashboard

Once you are logged into your hybrid workplace platform, FlexBoard, you’ll be able to view your dashboard, where you can upgrade your membership (if you have opted for a free membership), view billing information, track recent visits, and manage rosters—all from one convenient location of the dashboard.

FlexBoard Dashboard View

In closing,

FlexBoard is more than just a hybrid workplace management tool. It is a solution designed to optimize your hybrid workplace and adapt to the changing needs of the hybrid work environment.

Sign up today and experience the future of workspace management with Stylework’s FlexBoard!