Top Coolest Coworking Spaces in Cyber City – Gurgaon

Coworking Spaces in Cyber Hub – Gurgaon

Gurgaon, also known as Gurugram, situated in the state of Haryana is becoming companies’ favourite workplace due to a long list of advantages. According to reports, this place is modern plus economical. This city has grown into a major city for finance, technology and entrepreneurship. It has become a symbol of a developing “new” India.  Due to this developing image, more and more people come here to give wings to their careers. Resulting in a diversified ecosystem that roots in innovation and collaboration. 

At the heart of this lively city lies Cyber City, a well-known location widely known for its posh restaurants, entertainment options, and, of course, wonderful coworking spaces. Just like in any other city, people here are more inclined towards coworking places because of major points like flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and a motivating environment. With its advantageous location and cutting-edge facilities, Cyber City, Gurgaon has developed into a city for coworking spaces that serve a variety of freelancers, startups, and well-established businesses.

List of Affordable Coworking Spaces in Cyber City

In today’s blog, we will highlight some of the best and most affordable coworking spaces in Cyber City, Gurgaon. Let’s get started:

1. Regus Spaces, Dlf Phase 1
2. WeWork Forum, DLF Cyber City
3. COWRKS, DLF Cyber City
4. Altrade Business Center, DLF Phase 2
5. Awfis Ambience Mall

1. Regus Spaces, Dlf Phase 1

Regus Spaces Dlf Phase 1

A prominent business area recognised for its technology outcomes, Cybercity, houses a coworking space provided by Regus. For professionals and businesses, the workplace offers freedom and cooperation. Hot desks, dedicated workstations, and private offices are all available to suit various purposes. High-speed internet, comfortable couches, and plenty of power outlets are all provided in the workspace.

Meeting rooms, collaborative spaces, and breakout places are just a few of the shared amenities available for networking and idea sharing. The administrative work, mail handling, and IT assistance are all supported by local workers. Along with a stocked pantry for snacks, printing and copying facilities are provided.

The Regus Spaces in Cybercity, Dlf Phase 1 location benefits from being close to a thriving commercial ecosystem. Startups, big corporations and companies focused on emerging technologies are all situated nearby. Networking as well as exposure to potential business prospects are made possible by the coworking space.

The convenience is increased by the nearby businesses’ restaurants, cafés, and shops. For business owners, independent contractors, and remote employees, Regus provides a flexible and collaborative workspace. The area encourages member association and productivity. It offers professionals a welcoming, well-equipped atmosphere.

The coworking area at Cybercity promotes interactions and teamwork. Modern amenities and services support it. The Regus coworking facility is the perfect answer for Cybercity’s workspace demands.

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2. WeWork Forum, DLF Cyber City

WeWork Forum DLF Cyber City

WeWork, Cyber City, Gurgaon is one of the best coworking spaces in Gurgaon. This coworking space is surrounded by a hub of financial and innovative business. This coworking space is perfectly located to provide your business with everything that it needs to bloom.

This dedicated WeWork location, which spans a whole seven-floor building, provides a smooth transition between diverse sections, including art-filled lounges, collaborative office spaces, stylish private offices, and an uplifting outdoor area!

At this coworking space, you can enjoy access to ample conference rooms at WeWork Forum DLF Cyber City. These conference rooms are ideal for gatherings with clients, business partners or teams. Along with this, there also lies a dedicated space for brainstorming that offers the perfect environment where ideas ignite and turn into reality.

If you are someone who wants to experience the thriving corporate landscape of DLF Cyber City, then WeWork can not be missed!

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3. COWRKS, DLF Cyber City

Cowrks Cyber City Gurgaon

In the middle of all the corporate buzz in Cyber City, COWORKS has come up with a lavish, eye-pleasing space in DLF Cyber City Building. This coworking space in Gurgaon is perfect for all, be it startups, freelancers or large businesses. The interiors are undoubtedly a treat for both eyes and heart.

A bright colour palette creates a vibrant atmosphere that adds charm and creates an energetic and uplifting environment. To enhance productivity and collaboration, the place offers a variety of facilities. There are both open chairs for a more interactive atmosphere and private booths for focused work. For talks and presentations, meeting rooms are readily available while phone and discussion booths provide privacy for private conversations.

An isolated training room is also available, offering chances for professional development as well as learning. Plus, because of its proximity to the Gurgaon-Delhi Motorway, the COWRKS DLF CyberHub space provides convenient interstate travel. As a result of this, it is ideal for individuals as well as teams who frequently travel from Gurgaon to Delhi for business.

4. Altrade Business Center, DLF Phase 2

Altrade Business Center DLF Phase 2

The Altrade Business Centre is a well-known coworking space that offers startups and entrepreneurs a professional environment. The Altrade Business Center’s meticulously designed workplaces are one of its biggest selling points. The workplace’s big workspaces, modern, ergonomic furnishings, and lots of natural light promote efficiency and comfort.

Altrade Business Centre in DLF Phase 2 provides a range of options to suit various work styles, whether you want an open-plan layout or a private office. Breakout spaces and community lounges provide networking and collaboration opportunities. The facility offers 24/7 access, high-speed internet, and technological infrastructure.

Both welcoming services and administrative assistance are offered. Work-life balance is facilitated by amenities including a kitchen, wellness area, and exercise centres. Plans for membership can be altered to suit different requirements and durations. For the purpose of promoting information exchange and company expansion, Altrade company Centre hosts events, workshops, and networking gatherings.

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5. Awfis, Ambience Mall

Awfis Ambience Mall

If you are looking for a luxurious co-working space, then you must visit this coworking space in Gurgaon. The wide range of seating options at Awfis Ambience Mall is one of its best features. To meet the diverse demands of its customers, it provides seating sizes ranging from 2 to 16. With 568 workstations, the area offers plenty of room for both individuals and teams to function effectively.

Additionally, two conference rooms for group talks are readily available along with a sizable collaboration space that encourages interaction among staff. The facilities offered by Awfis Ambience Mall have been designed to enhance comfort and productivity. There are lounges for relaxing, pods for concentrated work, screen projection equipment for presentations, laser printing services, and video conferencing capabilities for virtual meetings among these amenities.

day pass

There is a designated resting area where you can take a break to relax and a fresh charge. It provides the perfect atmosphere for individuals and teams to grow and be successful in their professional endeavours because of its excellent facilities, pleasant amenities, and prominent location.

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So, we hope this helps you in finding a perfect coworking space in Cyber City for you according to your professional needs. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Why choose coworking space in DLF Cyber City for business?
    DLF Cyber City’s coworking spaces boast superior infrastructure, stunning interiors, and a commitment to professionalism. With top IT and Fortune 500 companies in the vicinity, it is a prime location to kickstart business ventures. Exceptional amenities further elevate DLF Cyber City’s status as a premium destination.
  2. How do I choose the right coworking space in Cyber City Gurgaon for my business?
    When selecting a coworking space in Cyber City Gurgaon, take into account the workspace’s location, size, layout, amenities, and overall culture. Additionally, consider your budget and find a membership plan that suits your specific requirements.
  3. Can I use a coworking space in Cyber City Gurgaon for a short-term project or only for long-term commitments?
    Yes, you can use a coworking space in Cyber City, Gurgaon for a short-term project. Many coworking spaces offer day passes for flexible usage
  4. How can I find a coworking space in Cyber City Gurgaon?
    You can find and book a coworking space in Cyber City, Gurgaon with the help of coworking aggregators like Stylework, which provide a platform to compare and book spaces.

Top Coolest Coworking Spaces in Cyber City